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Our three snowmobile tours will take you to the hidden treasures of the Upper Laurentians and beyond. Enter the heart of the region’s rich forest, travel beyond its majestic mountains and winding rivers and get a glimpse of the life of the “coureurs des bois” while enjoying the comfort of our forest lodges.

Montagne du diable
The Devilish 266 km

Discover our mysterious Montagne Du Diable Mountain and you will be captivated by its splendour. Stop by the beautiful Windigo Falls and continue your journey to the Baskatong Reservoir, a veritable ice desert. Enjoy the warm welcome and excellent food of our lodgers.

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The Carefree 466km

Take your time, embrace life in the forest and enjoy the atmosphere of our lodgers and their different culinary specialties. The trails and landscapes coupled with a convivial atmosphere will certainly surprise you!

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The Forest Trail 427 km

Through this forest-only trail, you will see the beauty of the mountains, the great Mitchinamecus Reservoir and the Bazin River. Let yourself be impressed by all the comfort and gastronomy that our forest lodgings have to offer! A great outing lies ahead!

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Trails Snowmobile Map

For an overview of the snowmobile trail network in our region and links between our members and with neighbouring regions, we invite you to consult our Coureurs des Bois trail map. This map is not to scale but will allow you to make a preliminary plan of your trips.

To plan your trips, look up the mileage and services along the trails, and identify the clubs you’ll visit; we suggest using the FCMQ interactive map. Learn more. More info
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