ATV/Adventure Bike Trail

ATV/Adventure Bike Trail
The Arrow Trails

Our group set up “The Arrow Trails,” a unique signage system inspired by the patterns of subway lines in major cities. There are five routes with different colours that will take you to the members of our network. Throughout the forest, there is different coloured signage indicating trails, lodges and mileage. At intersections of two routes, you will find stations to guide you with a map and other relevant indications. This system, that we’re really proud of, will facilitate the planning of your route; will make sure you keep your bearings in the forest; and will ensure your safety.

To plan your trips, look up the mileage and services along the trails, and identify the clubs you’ll visit; we suggest using the FQCQ interactive map.

FQCQ Interactive Map

ATV Trail Map

Suggested routes

Our three ATV/Adventure bike routes will take you to the hidden treasures of the Upper Laurentians and beyond. Enter the heart of the region’s rich forest, travel beyond its majestic mountains and winding rivers and get a glimpse of the life of the “Wood Runner Trail” while enjoying the comfort of our forest lodges.

The Summum Trail 306.24km

Three of our members have come together to offer you a marked itinerary that will allow you to discover the beautiful landscapes of the region. Adventure in all its splendor!

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The Falls Loop 232 km

Discover the three famous falls of the region: Windigo, César and Serpent. This trail really drives home that this region is all lakes rivers, and mountains! Refreshing!

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The Montagne du Diable Trail 90 km

The ascent of the famous Montagne du Diable will offer you spectacular views of the region. Visit the site of the Halte-Titude 727 relay or telecommunication towers.

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