Where to Sleep & Eat

For the sake of comfort, fine cuisine, and enjoyment!

Let yourself be charmed by the warm welcome of our forest lodgers.

In our woods, you will find all the necessary services for snowmobilers in winter and ATV and Adventure bike enthusiasts in summer and fall.

The members on our network all offer dinner/sleep and breakfast packages. For lunches during the summer and fall months, some members are open every day while others operate at limited times.


Answers to your questions

Comfort Inn Mont-Laurier
Comfort Inn

700, boul. Albiny-Paquette
Mont-Laurier (Québec)
Sans frais: 1 888 355-6465

Year-round restaurant service
pourvoirie 100 lacs
Pourvoirie 100 Lacs Sud

Dans la forêt (Québec)
Sans frais: 1 877 440-4545

Winter-summer-fall restaurant service
Rabaska Lodge
Rabaska Lodge

55, chemin de l'Oasis
Ferme-Neuve (Québec) J0W 1C0

Winter-summer-fall restaurant service
Pourvoirie Fer à Cheval

In the forest (Quebec)
GPS: 47,524218 : -75,065358

Winter-summer-fall restaurant service
pourvoirie Mekoos
Pourvoirie Mekoos

C.P. 118, Mont-Laurier
Québec, J9L 3G9
Sans frais : 1 877 623-2336

Winter-summer-fall restaurant service
Pourvoirie Club Fontbrune

20, chemin Fontbrune - C.P. 1090
Ferme-Neuve (Québec) J0W 1C0
Sans frais: 1 888 831-2663

Restaurant service winter, summer and fall from mid-September to October
Club Notawissi

C.P. 280
Sainte-Anne du Lac (Québec) J0W 1V0
Tél: 1-819-623-2525