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Attractions of the Upper Laurentians

There is a good reason why the Upper Laurentians are called a snowmobiler's paradise!

Discover spectacular sights while driving on marked and groomed trails through 4,000 km of winter wonderland. The vast backcountry and the breathtaking scenery make for an unforgettable snowmobile experience.


Devil's Mountain

The major attraction is without a doubt the renowned and mysterious Devil's Mountain (Montagne du Diable). No snowmobiler ventures into the Upper Laurentians without riding up to its peak -the second highest peak in the Laurentians after Mont-Tremblant at 783 metres/ 2569 feet. The beauty of the frosted scenery and ice-covered trees will definitely impress you. The panoramic view at the top is breathtaking, and the friendly restaurant-bar Le Relais de la Montagne du Diable is open during the saison.

RELAY Devil's Mountain

RELAY Devil's Mountain

The RELAY Devil's Mountain is the most popular meeting place for snowmobilers passing through Ferme-Neuve. Located at the top of Montagne du Diable, this restaurant-bar offers a spectacular view of the entire region and some of its main attractions. Open during 2016-2017 snowmobile season.
For information : | 1 877 587-3882


Windigo Falls

A must see natural attraction, discover the falls in their winter splendor! These unique falls flow down a sloping boulder so they never freeze, but remain beautiful throughout the seasons.


Baskatong Reservoir

The Reservoir is a vast inner sea covering more than 320 km2 (125 sq miles). In winter, local snowmobile clubs maintain an ice bridge spanning over 8 km (5 miles). The most noticeable thing about the reservoir is without a doubt the huge crevices formed following the tidal range which goes up to 12 metres (40 feet) during the fall and winter. Going with a guide is strongly recommended.


The Linear Park

In wintertime, the Linear Park Le P'tit Train du Nord becomes a snowmobile trail between Labelle and Mont-Laurier. Following the route of an old railway, the trail is a scenic highway allowing visiting snowmobilers to conveniently travel between different areas.


Trails in the Northern Woods

There has been an incredible expansion of trail networks in the woods over the last 10 years. Moving further north, the snow becomes crystal-like, there are less people on the trails and it may feel as though the woods are slowly closing in around you the deeper you go. Actually, there are a surprising number of services available in the woods, including outfitters who offer snowmobile relays with all the services (accommodations, dining and fuel)


Snowmobiling in the Upper Laurentians. View video